Project Management & Building Refurbishment
About Us, What we Do
JRA Engineering Ltd is a building refurbishment and energy retrofit company. Our approach is distinguished by a personal and project centred approach to building refurbishment, including detailed project planning at each stage.

Our experience is that careful planning and good communication are central to all great projects, and foster positive relationships and enduring partnerships. Ideally, we aim to engage in pre-planning to better control costs and minimise changes to scope.

We offer the strength and committment to deliver on expectations, and as trusted partners, we'll always bring an unsurpassed determination to completion of your project goals:

  • Timely completion
  • Working within budget
  • Focus on quality

In addition, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from a proud JRA track record of on-time completions, and customer satisfaction.

Working with JRA means you can be sure of ongoing communication throughout each project stage, and a positive attitude to resolve issues as they arise. As your project progresses, you'll appreciate our particular focus on positive communication and flexibility.